#VOFF 4: Share It Forward.

November 13-27, 2014

VOFF 4 war

Shake up our cushy lives, open our eyes, make us laugh, cry or even outraged. #VOFF 4 will showcase 230 films about the world’s issues—big or small. We accepted entries about the environment, human rights, public health, politics, social justice or something entirely different that deserved attention.

YOU decide which filmmakers will become finalists and with it, which of the causes are presented to the Jury of Experts. In this edition, a portion of the total prize money (US$ 100,000) will be donated to a charity organisation appointed by the filmmaker who wins the audience award.

How can YOU make the difference? Stay tuned and get involved during the festival between November 13-27 on www.viewster.com.

Share it forward!



The #VOFF is an international online event that attracts, displays and rewards series, short films, features, web series and teasers that are not always as famous as they should be. The #VOFF is a community moderated contest. Millions of viewers will create a short list out of all qualified entries. The #VOFF Jury of Experts will review the finalists and choose the final winners of the festival. Think you have something up your sleeve that fits the bill and can take some of the $100,000 in prize money? Then submit your movie now. Need more detailed information on the Festival? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions. Viewster is an innovative international Video on Demand platform for free series and films. Learn more …



- Is a feature, series, web-series, short film or documentary
- Fits the theme of the current festival edition
- Is at least 3 minutes long
- Is in English language or subtitled in English
- Can be provided in HD for the festival screening



- Gain new fans by presenting your work to Viewster’s worldwide audience of more than 20 million viewers
- Win a cash prize (including a cool $70,000 for the first place!)
- Make contact with movers and shakers in the industry through our well-connected Jury of Experts

Have something ready? Check out the submit page.



After the public voting, the #VOFF Jury of Experts decides on the prizes and the final winners of the festival

We are extremely proud to have Ted, Timo and Nora in our 2014 jury and Udo as a guest juror for our 3rd “genre” edition.

Ted Hope- Jury Member“The most critical questions for filmmakers now are how to get your film seen, how to build momentum behind it, and can you ever earn any real money from your work. It used to be, that if you were not in the studio system, you’d play traditional film festivals and hope for the best — you’d be limited to who lived or came to the town where you screened. Now we can move that model online, and with it exponentially improve all odds. The internet allows all creators to become their own distribution managers, but we all need proper platforms if we want to earn eyeballs, money, and appreciation. Viewster, with #VOFF, answers all three questions while providing exposure, excitement, and potential a whole bucket load of cash.”
Ted Hope, film producer and jury member of Viewster Online Film Fest



Timo_picture 2011“Festivals are an ages-old medium which hasn’t really renewed since the time of the Internet. Actually, film festivals seem to be the very antithesis of an Internet era. The limitations to the specific time, date, format and availability are all redundant in today’s world. For this reason, I find Viewster’s festival a progressive, future-oriented, tech-savvy way to promote films in the terms of today, to the audiences of today.”

Timo Vuorensola, film producer and jury member of Viewster Online Film Fest



Nora Tschirner jury

“Successful European films often remain successes within their home markets. This is a pity because we Europeans can tell great stories. With the #VOFF, Viewster offers a new and open window for films of any country to an international audience. The attractive prize money goes directly to the creatives without any complex structures or application processes. That’s why I like the #VOFF.” Copyright Foto: Alex Trebus

Nora Tschirner, actress and jury member of Viewster Online Film Fest



udo_kier_400x600“I’m sure I will love the Viewster Online Film Festival. I’m looking forward to see and judge up-and-coming creature creators from all over the world which will be mostly films that will be hard to see anywhere else than on this Viewster Film Fest and give some of them the chance to get a huge exposure through the online festival.” Copyright Foto: Jork Weismann

Udo Kier, actor and guest jury member of #VOFF 3, September 2014


Fourth Edition – Share It Forward.

November 13-27, 2014

The total prize money is $100,000 which is shared by the festival winners and one charity organization appointed by the audience favorite.

You—along with our community of viewers—will watch, discuss, share and vote for your favorite entries. At the end of the festival period a shortlist will be created from at least the top-ten entries. Your participation encourages your favorite entries make it to the final round—and make some creators very happy.
Our jury then awards the first place filmmaker with $70k, $20k of this going to the filmmakers chosen charity, and splits the remaining $30k amongst the other finalists as they chose.

Just go to www.viewster.com or our mobile apps and sign up. It’s that simple and everything is free. Watch as many movies as you want and if there are any, or one in particular that you love, tell your friends to join and vote too. The more people engage with their personal favorite by watching, sharing, voting, discussing etc., the better it’s chance of getting to the finals. You can vote for as many entries as you want but you have to vote for at least three entries to make your opinion count.


Third Edition: Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.

September 11-25, 2014

And the winners are … Watch the Jury deciding who shares the $100,000 of VOFF 3!

First place and the top prize of $70,000 was awarded to Claudio Ellovitch of Brazil for the 2014 film Pray, his vision of a terrifying religious experience. The jury praised the visual quality and subject matter of the work, saying: “Pray is very special; it goes beyond what is expected of a horror film – not exploring horror as such, but the essence of it and the elements that create it. We were impressed by the poetic and artistic quality of the film; it grasped at the heart, and then right through to the backbone. We hope that this prize money will help Claudio with his progress as a filmmaker and we look forward to seeing him working on feature films in the near future.”

Second place and $15,000 was awarded to P. Tavares of the USA for Do Not Disturb about a man and woman who wake to find themselves tied up, facing death and an unknown terror. The jury said it was ‘a brilliant film, and one that kept our attention from beginning to end’.

Arved Lindau of Germany won third place and US $5,000 for Grizzly. The judges admired the comedy-sci-fi, about a terror stalking the forests around a German village, saying “we loved the film’s exuberance, its attitude, and its characters – you can feel the pleasure that the filmmakers had in making it”.

Fourth place and $5,000 was awarded to Ujkan Hysaj of Kosovo for Column, set during the Kosovo War. The jury noted that it showed ‘a different way to be afraid, presenting a world in which ethics and moral rules no longer apply’.

Nick Merola of the USA received fifth place and a prize of US $5,000 for Shattered Memories, the story of a father whose young son is possessed by a demonic spirit. The jury praised it as a film that ‘truly hit on primal fears, the horror of having to kill something that you love, and the ever-present bewitching quality of death’.



Read the press release!

Second Edition: Relationship Status: It’s Complicated

July 14-26, 2014

Over 500 films and series competed for a total of $100,000 in cash awards!

And the winners are …

First prize ($70,000): Dad’s Fragile doll. Iran, 2014, animated short, by Ali Zare Ghanatnowi.

“This animation was quite incredible. It shows real understanding and great use of sound and music. Dad’s Fragile Doll’s hand drawn intimacy and well told story caught a horrific moment and made it accessible to all while also adding new depth to the subject matter by demonstrating the filmmakers own evolution as an artist. It continued to surprise us and it never let us go. Great work!” – Ted Hope.

Second prize ($20,000): Wrong. South Korea, 2013, short, by Taegue Lim.

“It was impressive in all aspects that cinema can be. A film that captured the moment we are living in with complexity, nuance, and surprise. All aspects, from script, performance, design, cinematography, and editing were top notch. This director is ready for features although we hope he keeps also making shorts as he packs more into them than others do in longer form.” – Ted Hope.

Third prize ($7,500): Your Place. Germany, 2012, short, by Sylvia Borges.

“Genuinely interesting, funny, well-written, and it has a good pace all through the film. It has a good idea but it doesn’t just stay there. It takes the good idea and makes it a good story which turns into a beautiful and romantic and touching film.“ – Timo Vurorensola.

Fourth prize ($2,500): Next. Poland, 2011, short, by Adam Janisch.

“We were intrigued by the concept and we loved the consequent and courageous realization. It utilizes today’s technology and social attitudes and finds a way to make a story that is truly relevant to today. The film touched us. It’s a real internet thing.” – Nora Tschirner. 

Here is the jury verdict of VOFF 2:

And the best moments of the VOFF2 edition:



March 14th-April 1st, 2014

83 Black humor films and series competed for a total of $ 100,000 in prizes!

And the winners are … 

First prize ($70,000): First episode of web series The Justice Lease by Australian director Jeremy Brull which features the real-life versions of Superman, Batman, Aquaman and The Hulk as they struggle to live together in an Australian sharehouse.

Second prize ($20,000): Life Doesn’t Frighten Me by Canadian director Stephen Dunn. The short is a coming-of-age comedy about a young woman’s exploration of ugliness and beauty.

Third prize ($10,000): 48 Minutes was produced on the Netherlands by Richard Schut. The feature film tells the story of a highly unconventional therapist telling her patients they only have 48 minutes left to tell their story before they die.

See the deliberation session of the Jury of Experts (presented by Timo Vuorensola and Nora Tschirner)!



1. What is Viewster?
Viewster presents free video streaming on www.viewster.com to its millions of fans who share a passion for discovering original TV shows and movies. On Viewster, the best international content is only one click away, like Swedish crime, Japanese anime, fascinating documentaries, British or Korean drama. Viewster enables community driven discovery of international hits. Discover, discuss, share — that´s how trends are made.

All content on Viewster is completely free and supported by advertising. On the Web, on smartphones, tablets and connected TVs. That’s how Viewster has become the leading European Video on Demand platform for TV and web series.

Viewster’s newest endeavor is the Viewster Online Film Festival (#VOFF) with $100,000 in total prize money awarded every quarter. The Viewster community can get into direct conversation with the filmmakers and help them win the big prize money by voting on the films and series they love.

Viewster is taking what was once a solitary online experience and making it social. It’s the new, original way of watching films online. Viewster — discover originality.

2. What do I need to do to participate?
Simple, click on the submission platform of your choice and follow their instructions to submit your movie to VOFF.
3. When is the next Viewster Online Film Fest?
From September 11, 3pm CET until September 25, 3pm CET. Submission Deadline was August 7, 2014. #VOFF 4 will take place November 13, 3pm CET until November 26, 3pm CET. Submission Deadline is October 2.
4. Does it cost anything?
No, participation in the festival is completely free. The submission platform may charge you a fee in order to submit your movie.
5. Who can participate?
Everyone who has the legal rights for professional content that fits our submission criteria.
6. Do I have to have made a film before?
No. We just don’t want to see YouTube videos of your cat on a turntable or adorable
babies giggling. We all agree these are cute, but we want something more.
7. Can I apply to other film festivals or be on other video on demand platforms?
YES! We don’t require exclusivity so you are free to apply anywhere. (Be sure to check the rules and regulations of the other festivals.)

And Yes! You can show on other video on demand sites as long as it hasn’t been seen widely. As a general rule, we will not accept anything that has been seen by more than 5 million people worldwide.

8. What are you looking for?
We want original, quality storytelling. Simple as that. We ask for content that:
  • is a feature, series, web-series, short film or documentary
  • fits the theme “Share It Forward.”
  • is at least three minutes long (excluding end credits)
  • is first shown publicly on or after 2006
  • is in English or subtitled in English
  • is available as HD file for the festival screening
  • you own all rights, including the rights for the music used
  • Does not incite hate, is not pornographic, or prone to corrupt youth or is in any other way illegal (we reserve the right to determine these criteria)
9. Do I still have the rights to my films?

If you participate in the festival, you simply grant us a non-exclusive license to
showcase your content for four weeks within the context of the festival.
You do not have to grant us any exclusive rights, and after the festival, our right to
showcase your content ends. Since the festival is online and taking place worldwide, you need to own the global rights.

10. How many films can I submit?
As many as you like, as long as you have the full rights and meet the other submission criteria as listed in FAQ #8.
11. How do I submit an existing series? As several videos or one video?
Please submit multiple episodes of a series as ONE video, so people can watch and rate them as a single entity.
12. Can I submit an older film or series that has run somewhere else before?
Yes, as long as it did not have a wide cinematic, TV, or online release. As a general
rule, we will not accept anything that has been seen by more than 5 million people
worldwide or was created before 2006, but we might make exceptions (for example, if
your series was insanely popular in a local market like Scandinavia, but virtually
unknown elsewhere). If in doubt, ask directly.
13. What increases my chances of winning?
Other than submitting an outstanding piece of work, the most important thing is to
be popular with our Viewster Community, which also means having your own strong network and community.

The more people watching your content and voting for you and the higher social media activity on your movie page is, the better are your chances of making it to the final round. From there, our Jury of Experts will take over. Their judging criteria will include
elements such as production value, storytelling, music, acting, directing and the potential of your content to be further developed.

So get creative with engaging your existing fans with blogging and social media and
think outside the box! There are lots of ways to get noticed. But please, keep it legal.

14. Where is the festival?
The festival takes place online and is available worldwide, publicly online, on the web and on the Viewster Mobile App.

Anyone with an internet connection can view the films when the voting phase begins
on September 11, 2014. They will be able to watch the films directly on viewster.com.

15. What happens afterwards?
If you won a prize you should celebrate! After the festival, you can choose to license your production for commercial distribution on viewster.com, at which point it becomes part of Viewster’s catalogue.
16. Are the cash prizes tied to any conditions?
No! Nevertheless we expect you to use it for creating new content and not for buying meth.
17. When will the winners be announced?
For #VOFF 3 on October 5 at the Raindance Film Festival, Uk and on festival.viewster.com
18. What are the technical specifications for submitting videos?
The video file for the festival screening needs to be 720p-HD minimum with a bitrate of 8-10Mbit/s for the video stream. The aspect ratio of the file must be 16:9 (1:1.78). A 1:2.35, for example, needs to be letterboxed. Ideal Source File is MP4 file (H.264/ACC-LC) but we also accept mov-container.
19. Why is there currently no festival on Viewster?
The #VOFF is a quarterly event with the submission period starting around eight weeks before the Festival takes place. The inaugural event happened in March. The second edition took place in June and the upcoming festivals are planned for September and November. You will find the latest dates on this page.
20. What else??
Check our legal terms for the third festival edition here.


Have a question not covered here?
Send us an email!


SUBMISSIONS are currently closed. Check in again for #VOFF 5 at the end of 2014.