#VOFF5: Animated Worlds.

March 12-26, 2015

Escape, Explore and Engage: #VOFF5 will take us on a wild ride through some of the finest animated worlds, from far off galaxies to the worlds within our heads, #VOFF5 will push our boundaries and uncover places we never dreamed existed.

With $50,000 to share amongst the festival winners, #VOFF5 is one of the most highly rewarded animation festivals in the world and it’s you, our online community, who decides which of our films are screened to our Jury of Experts.

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#VOFF4: Share It Forward.

So who won? Check out our press release and the Jury Announcement video:

WINNER, $50,000: Davids and Goliath
2nd Place, $20,000: Deafening Silence
3rd Place, $10,000: Drops of Joy
Audience Award: Baja’s Secret Miracle

Shake up our cushy lives, open our eyes, make us laugh, cry or even outraged. #VOFF4 showcased 230 films about the world’s issues—big or small. We accepted entries about the environment, human rights, public health, politics, social justice or something entirely different that deserved attention.
YOU decided which filmmakers became finalists and with it, which of the causes have been presented to the Jury of Experts. In this edition, a portion of the total prize money (US$ 100,000) was donated to The Climate Reality Project , a charity founded by Al Gore, appointed by the filmmaker who won the Audience Award, Baja’s Secret Miracle.

Share it Forward.

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